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Oasa Earth

The Oasa Earth project is described as a Web3-powered nature conservancy network aimed at serving regenerative human living spaces and the planet.

Oasa Earth

OASA Association’s purpose is to preserve, protect and regenerate land, to improve the biodiversity of existing natural ecosystems and the quality of life for present and future generations.

OASA's mission revolves around the preservation, regeneration, and protection of land, aiming to enhance the biodiversity of existing natural ecosystems and improve the quality of life for both present and future generations. The association aspires to acquire land to establish new commons, which will be collectively managed by decentralized autonomous organizations, embodying a prototype of living that leaves a positive trace on our planet. This initiative involves understanding how to encourage biodiversity and bolster the regenerative capacity of our natural ecosystems. OASA intends to develop prototypes of regenerative co-living and co-housing projects around the world, each nestled in different cultural and ecological contexts.

Samuel Delesque is the co-founder of OASA, and he has a background in software engineering, having worked as a Senior Software Engineer at Carbon Black before co-founding OASA

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