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Kolektivo Labs

Kolektivo Labs is a systems innovation lab committed to enabling the full potential of human coordination.

Kolektivo Labs

Kolektivo Labs (website) is an entity focused on harnessing frontier technologies to engender a world where human coordination is the catalyst for radical change. With an ethos grounded in systems innovation, Kolektivo Labs reimagines the co-creation and distribution of value to amplify collective potential. The innovation lab employs a gamut of modern technologies and models, encompassing regenerative economics and inclusive design, to orchestrate its interventions​.

What sets Kolektivo Labs apart is its unique blend of technology with a human-centric and planet-friendly approach. The organization is not just a passive player in the innovation space; it actively connects various segments of this realm, creating a value-aligned network that fosters better connectivity and collaborative potential. Kolektivo Labs has established a presence in various communities across the Caribbean, South America, and Europe, delving into emerging technologies and system innovations to build resilient, effective, and holistic solutions for both people and the planet​.

Kolektivo Labs has ventured into several projects. One of their key projects is Kolektivo, inspired by syntropic agriculture, Kolektivo strives to develop resilient, practical, and holistic solutions for both individuals and the environment. It's about nurturing local impact ecosystems and linking their knowledge and potential, thereby forming the Kolektivo Network.

On another front, Celo Europe, or CeloEU, lends support to mission-driven entrepreneurs and creators, aiding them in developing lasting solutions by tapping into the Celo Ecosystem. Then there's PrimeDAO, a venture that fosters a builder community while establishing coordination mechanisms to ensure seamless ongoing operations.

The founder of Kolektivo Labs is Luuk Weber, with a team of eight individuals, each with their unique expertise. This mix of specializations amplifies Kolektivo Labs' ability to spearhead impactful projects that align with its core values and overarching mission.

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