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Giveth Insight

Giveth is a community-driven initiative that aims to build a culture and economy that rewards and empowers those who give.

Giveth Insight

Giveth (website) is a community-driven initiative with a mission to create a culture and economy that rewards and empowers those who give. As an open, non-hierarchical global platform, Giveth supports social, environmental, and humanistic impact projects, focusing on adding value to the world without a direct profit motive. Governed by a diverse community of developers, designers, philanthropists, and more, Giveth is building a self-sustaining giving economy that encourages altruistic intention.

What sets Giveth apart is its zero-fee, community-driven donation platform that leverages blockchain technology to connect projects with regenerative funding opportunities. The platform's unique project verification process reviews legitimacy and rewards donors through the GIVbacks program. The recently launched GIVeconomy fosters a culture of giving by rewarding every contributor, with donors receiving up to 80% of their donations' dollar value back in GIV tokens.

Giveth's impact is evident in its empowerment of changemakers with evolutionary funding and rewarding donors for giving to verified public goods projects. The platform's easy onboarding process and influence mechanism make giving enjoyable and empower users to boost high-quality projects. With over 2500 projects and more than $1.9 million donated, Giveth's influence on the market sector is significant.

Without seeking external funding, Giveth has achieved remarkable milestones. In 2018, they organized the ScalingNow! Conference to address Ethereum Scaling issues. In 2021, they launched the GIVeconomy, GIVbacks program, and GIVfarm liquidity rewards program, and upgraded their DAO tooling. Founded and led by Griff Green, Giveth's projects have raised over $1.9 million in donations, reaching a total of 2580 projects.

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