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eSolidar Insight

eSolidar is a social e-marketplace that launched in 2014 and serves as a one-stop platform for supporting charities.

eSolidar Insight

eSolidar (website) is a social e-marketplace launched in 2014 in Portugal. eSolidar serves as a one-stop platform for supporting charities. It provides various avenues for individuals, charities, and businesses to engage in charitable activities, such as buying, selling, bidding, donating, and volunteering. The platform aims to offer alternative fundraising means and raise awareness online, revolutionizing how businesses and individuals contribute to social causes.

What makes eSolidar unique is its comprehensive approach to charitable support. It caters to companies of all sizes and emphasizes transparency and integrity with the communities it serves. eSolidar allows businesses to better understand and engage with employees' preferred causes, amplifying social impact and aligning corporate social responsibility strategies with individual preferences.

In terms of impact, eSolidar has introduced significant innovations in its field. It offers a toolbox that includes both software and services to help organizations manage, measure, and report on social impact, CSR, ESG, and sustainability. By exploring blockchain technology and transitioning to web3, eSolidar has become a preferred place for supporting causes in engaging and exciting ways.

On the financial front, eSolidar has raised a total of $1.2M over four funding rounds, securing its place in the market. The leadership of the project includes founders Marco Barbosa, Rui Ramos, and Miguel Vieira, who have guided the platform to success.

eSolidar's achievements are noteworthy, with an impact that includes serving over 90,000 people and registering more than 1,000 social organizations in over 4 countries. They have successfully raised over US$800,000 through initiatives like Solidarity Auctions and Crowdfundings. Looking ahead, eSolidar has plans to release the full version of its NFT Sweepstakes and launch its ESG token, furthering its mission to create positive social change.

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