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A Green Berlin Blockchain Week

Blockchain Week Berlin is a decentralized community-organized initiative. There is no single owner. It is an agnostic movement based on the premise that self-organization is the backbone of the ecosystem.

A Green Berlin Blockchain Week

Berlin Blockchain Week has always been seen as one of the original conferences in Europe. This year wasn't any different, the audience was segregated due to having Token2049 and Permissionless simultaneously. Berlin Blockchain Week is committed to reducing the noise from the market and focusing on education, to push mass adoption by providing first-hand information about the industry. Let's walk you through the week with Celo Europe DAO.

We started off our green week with Funding The Commons. On the 8th, DeSci.Berlin was front and centre, orchestrating workshops and insightful talks by key players in the field. On the 9th, Funding the Commons took back the stage, and featured a unique emphasis on builders and interactive programming. Funding the Commons was a 2-day event filled with great roundtable discussions, workshops, fireside chats and conversation.

We moved on to DappCon, where Luuk from Kolektivo labs delivered a talk on how ReFi actually realizes the purpose of Blockchain. We were given another treat with an amazing talk about Unlocking Web3 Growth in Africa by Rene Reinsberg. On top of the great talks, Celo Partnered with Opera to launch Minipay. Minipay is a stablecoin wallet built to onboard millions of users across Africa to Web3

After attending two events we hosted our event, ReFi Fundamentals. Luuk from Kolektivo Labs started us off with an introduction to ReFi, Jori from Ethichub and David from Gainforest followed him up with great talks of real-world applications of ReFi. Finally, Oleksiy from Mento finished us off with a talk about Green Assets as Collateral.

On the 14th  we attended the RWA deep-dive by Centrifuge. It had a great panel discussion between Gnosis Centrifuge and Mauve. At night we hosted a networking event together with Greenfield.

On our final day, we attended Regens Unite. The event was a wide gathering of people who are working on regenerative solutions for themselves, communities, and our planet. The event was filled with facilitated workshops, circle discussions, co-creation spaces and relaxation areas

From spearheading discussions on Funding the Commons to diving deep into ReFi Fundamentals and Green Assets, Celo has been at the forefront of innovation and education in the blockchain space. The week in Berlin was filled with collaboration and innovation, reflecting the core values of Celo EuropeDAO.

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